Spanking the Cheeky Boys


Listen to real hard and hot punishment spankings and canings as naughty school girls and school boys, daughters, wives, husbands, secretaries and girl-friends, boy-friends and many errant males have their bare cheeky bottoms spanked and caned hard. All of these recordings are taken from real live punishments... Nothing is faked! Every girl spanked and caned here went home with a very red and sore bottom and tear stained face.

0908 316 0300
Two worthless males whipped side by side
0908 316 0301
Slave boy spanked and punished hard
0908 316 0302
Hard bare bottom spanking for naughty school boy
Husband caned by his dominant wife on his bare bottom and the caning he gets is a hard caning
Submissive male is caned hard on his bare bottom by his dominant wife who thinks strict women are the superior sex and males should be punished hard 0908 316 0418 
0908 316 0303
Headmistress punishes a wicked school boy
0908 316 0304
Headmistress thrashes a school boy caught looking at porn
0908 316 0305
School boy thrashed by Headmistress with the rattan on his bare bum
0908 316 0306
Spanked and caned by the Headmistress for cheating
Mistress Sam Johnson canes a bridegrrom for fucking the maid of honour at his own wedding

Mistress Sam Johnson canes a bridegroom for fucking the maid of honour at his own wedding and he is caned severely, call now and listen to his suffering 0908 316 0405
0908 316 0307
School boy's severe bare bottom caning 
0908 316 0308
Head girl spanked and caned severely
0908 316 0309
House maid spanked caned and humiliated by her Mistress

0908 316 0388
Cheeky Brigella is given a 36 stoke caning on the bare
0908 316 0389
Brigella spanked hard on the bare by Ms Harrison Marks
0908 316 0390
Schoolgirl spanked and caned hard by her Headmaster
0908 316 0391
Cheer leader Sam Johnson gets her bare bottom spanked hard
0908 316 0392
Spanked and caned hard on the bare by dad for using his credit card
0908 316 0393
Uncle spanks his niece hard for reading dirty books
0908 316 0394
Daughter Spanked and caned hard by mum & dad
0908 316 0395
Ms Harrison Marks gives a girl a hard spanking on her up
turned bare bottom with the back of a hard hairbrush

0908 316 0396
Nurse Jana is spanked and caned severely on her bare backside
by Doctor Kain

0908 316 0397
Peasant girl given a severe bare bottom spanking
0908 316 0398
Spanked hard on the bare bottom OTK by her boyfriend
0908 316 0399
Interrogated by the SS with a severe spanking and
striping with a vicious cane on here bare bottom

0908 316 0400
Ms Harrison Marks spanks and canes two naughty schoolgirls
Sam Johnson & Brigella hard on the bare

0908 316 0401
Maid Rebekah Jordan is spanked and caned by her Mistress
on her large bare bum cheeks

0908 316 0402
Two schoolgirl truants spanked and caned hard by the truancy officer
0908 316 0403
Ms Harrison Marks gives Brigella and Rebekah Jordan a hard
spanking and caning for being playing music far too loud!

0908 316 0404
A girls' hard training session with a hard spanking
strapping and bare bottom caning as encouragement

0908 316 0380
Spanked and caned hard by the headmistress
0908 316 0381
A schoolboys hard bare bottom caning punishment
0908 316 0382
Caned hard on the bare bottom for being a bully
0908 316 0383
Boy is caned hard on the bare bum by his headmistress
0908 316 0384
School boy spanked on the bum by the headmistress
0908 316 0385
School boy caned hard on the bare by headmistress
0908 316 0386
A headmistress spanks and canes the head girl
0908 316 0387
A house maid is spanked, paddled and caned
hard on the bare by her Mistress

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